57 Villamil, Condado

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We are pleased to host you and we hope you enjoy your visit!
Please check our guide below and let us know if you have further questions.
Please take care of our home, and maintain it clean and in good shape. Enjoy the house and have a wonderful stay!
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Contact Information
We are mostly pending to the Airbnb platform, if you can’t find us there, please text or call:📲 WhatsApp +1 (917) 675-3144 | 📩 niftystays@gmail.com

Access Codes

  • Check-in: 4:00 PM
  • Check-out: 10:00 AM

Main Access.

Find codes in your inbox. The digital door is the main access point. However, if this fails, there is a lock box with spare keys.
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Other keys.

There is a key located at each door and window around the house. Moreover, there is a spare set on the box next to the main entrance door. Please avoid changing location unless it is necessary. We kindly ask you to return it to its original place after usage.
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Parking remote control and notes.

Find the remote to open and close the parking hanging from the box next to the main entrance door. Please return it to the same position when not in use.
❗❗Please park on the right side of the road, otherwise, you will be fined $500 if parked on the left side and additionally neighbors will complain.
There are two parking spaces available on the property. If you need additional parking, please check the nearby parking lots listed below.


Please check your inbox for the network and password.
If the internet is not working, follow these steps:
  1. Disconnect the modem from the power source. The modem is located on the living room next to the sofa.
  1. Wait for 30 seconds.
  1. Reconnect the modem to the power source.
  1. Wait for the modem to finish restarting.
  1. Check if the issues have been resolved.

Other Electronics


Please follow the next step to make the TV work!
  • Turn on the TV (make sure electricity and wires are connected)
  • Press the remote control button called ‘INPUT’; It will take you from one menu to the other ones.
  • Press the INPUT button until you arrive at the ‘Orion’ screen menu.
  • Press OK to enter; find streaming platforms like Netflix or Liberty TV 🎉
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❄️ AC.

All the rooms have well-functioning air conditioners; they are strong and will chill the air within a few minutes. To ensure optimal room cooling, the air conditioner can not remain ON for a period exceeding 12 consecutive hours. Do not use the air conditioning with the doors open, as it will cause condensation.
AC must be in snowflake mode to cool down and it CAN’T be lower than 70 F (20 C). If it is lower than 70 F, it can cause condensation and damage the walls and other items.
Please help us conserve the earth’s vital resources, by turning lights and AC off when you leave the room.

Laundry room.

Please find the lid on the dryer machine and empty the water after usage.
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Shine like our bright house and watch out for the roosters.

We offer disposable masks and earplugs for your convenience. Please feel free to use the masks if you need them. The house is naturally well-lit. The earplugs are also available to help mitigate any noise from the nearby highway or roosters.

House Maintenance.


Avoid showering simultaneously as this can reduce water pressure and temperature.

Garbage bins.

There are two large trash cans in the parking area. Every morning, please take out the garbage in the black bins in the garage. This is necessary because garbage collection in Puerto Rico has a rotating schedule.

BBQ usage.

If you use the BBQ, please keep it clean and tidy. There are two gas tanks: one is ready to use, and the replacement is located below the BBQ behind the door.

Electrical plant.

The electrical plant automatically activates once a week for maintenance. If the power goes out, it will also turn on automatically.

Swimming pool.

The maintenance team will visit once a week for regular cleaning.

Kitchen disposer.

To use the garbage disposal, you may need to press the switch twice in order to turn it on and get it to connect.


There is one bicycle available for use, which comes with a lock. The lock must be used at all times.

Going to the Beach?

We have four beach chairs, one umbrella, and one cooler. Please return them home for future guests.

Safety and Care

Kitchen gas - make sure it's turned off!

Please remember all times this is a GAS kitchen, therefore, make sure you CLOSE all knobs after usage.

Fire extinguishers locations

  • BBQ - back garden
  • Kitchen
  • Landing area second floor
  • Generator - front garden area
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Safe Box

How to set it up?
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